In order for your small business to compete head to head with Fortune 500 firms, you must project a larger, more professional image.  Our cloud phone system delivers big company capabilities for a small business price tag.

Unlike many Internet phone systems, our phone system is reliable, user-friendly, and easy to update, making it the perfect choice for offices with minimal support staff. Plus, our industry-leading billing tools make it easy to predict and control costs. Those are just a handful of the benefits that our cloud phone system provides those looking for the perfect small business phone systems.

Our cloud phone system goes above and beyond to meet the needs of smaller offices.

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A Complete All-In-One Solution

Get everything your company needs to communicate over the phone, online and via fax in ONE office solution—even UNLIMITED calling and fax-to-email service—all for no upfront cost and no maintenance contracts.

Lower Operating Costs

With Hosted Cloud VoIP Phone Solutions, there’s no inventory of equipment to manage or unplanned break/fix costs. No phone system, phones or fax machine to buy, stock or order! Plus, we constantly update our systems and services, which lessens the burden on your IT staff.

Professional Company Image

Run your business from anywhere there is an Internet connection while using the same features you have in the office.  Remote workers can transfer calls to the auto attendant, maintaining seamless and professional communications.

Increase Flexibility And Mobility

Maintain connections with your prospects, clients and employees no matter where you are.  With our advanced mobility features, calls and faxes can go to your office and cell phone simultaneously.

Improve Productivity

Our call center services option enables your small business to service more customers in a more professional way. Small business phone systems are a perfect way to manage the flow of your customer calls.

Easy Self-Management

With our easy-to-use admin website, you can instantly change business processes and settings yourself anytime, anywhere.  Less time managing the system means more time focusing on your business, thanks to our small business phone systems.

Predictable Expenses For Better Planning

Get predictable expenses and best-in-class billing tools that help you better plan for the future.

Fax-to-Email Included

Faxing is included*! Send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere, any device.