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When the soundtrack of your office is a sea of keyboards, it can be easy to forget that calling is even an option. We’re getting so accustomed to the ease and speed of an email that, it seems, some people are losing their appreciation for the phone call.

The two may both be forms of communication, but don’t be fooled: they are not equals. Emailing is great for quick communication and exchanging documents, but there are many situations in which a phone call is far more useful. Before you carry on a relationship in which you and your client never hear one another’s voices, consider these advantages of talking on the phone.

Help Avoid Getting Lost in the Shuffle
Of course, there’s no guarantee that the person you’re calling will answer the phone, in which case, yes, you might just be another voicemail on their answering machine. But many of us spend the day at our desks, and while emails might sit in your recipient’s inbox for days or even weeks – potentially being forgotten – phone calls demand immediate action. If you want to get things moving along more quickly, speak directly with a person.

Have a Beginning and End
In an email conversation, even if you’re lucky enough to get an immediate response, that doesn’t mean your follow-up questions will. A person can get distracted and stop answering an email chain, which means you’re left without answers and without a solidified date and time to continue the conversation. You can ask and respond to all questions while you have the other person’s attention, and set a time for a follow-up call, which is not the protocol for emailing.

Avoid Miscommunications
In an email, there’s no way to tell a person’s tone of voice. You’re unable to emphasize as well through text as you are with your voice. If you’re typing up a long email, important points are easily missed, especially when the person starts skimming. If something is extremely urgent, that might not come across in text. Additionally, emails might make you seem upset, angry, or lighthearted when that’s not how you’re feeling. Getting on the phone and having a real conversation ensures that you’re both on the same page.

Get to Know Each Other
It’s hard to let your personality shine in an email. Take advantage of the informality of phone calls and have a good laugh with your client, or ask how their kids are doing. This can strengthen your relationship and give them a better impression of you, especially if you’ve never met in person.

Now that cloud phone systems allow you to take your business phone on-the-go, you can quickly call and follow-up with a client while having lunch by yourself or while stuck in traffic. Have these communications while you’re thinking about them so that you never forget to make the call. This is especially useful for people with busy schedules, which, let’s face it, is most of us!

Post Author: Vic Levinson