10 Features you wish you had

10 Features you wish your phone system had

If your business is considering upgrading its phone system in 2016, then you should start doing your research now to narrow down a list of possible phone providers. Once you have the top contenders identified, here is a checklist of business phone system “Wish List” items to compare them against. May the best phone system […]

Who invented VoIP

Questions and Answers: Who Invented VoIP?

History Lesson: Who Invented VoIP? There are certain technologies that have existed just long enough for us to begin taking them for granted. How about the Internet itself? Even now, many of us still jokingly (or perhaps not so jokingly) assume that Al Gore invented the World Wide Web, when that honor rightfully falls toTim […]

Small Business VoIP

Small Business, Big Image

Small businesses have the advantage of portraying a much larger image than ever before thanks to advances in technology. In the past, the number of employees, your budget and the number of locations were indicators of how large your business’s presence and reach throughout the community could be. Fortunately, now, no matter how small you […]

Secure phone system

Fraud Protection: Keeping Your Business Phone System Secure

Common headlines these days are exposing the countless threats of Internet hackers. Businesses that utilize cloud-based phone systems operated via the web are often concerned with security and fraud protection. Fortunately, major carriers like Broadview, have sophisticated fraud detection systems and protocols in place. A commonly reported scam or hack within business phone systems results […]

Hosted VoIP Streamline

How to Streamline your sales with a Hosted PBX

It’s remarkable how many companies ignore common opportunities to earn a little good will from their customers. One thing that’s commonly ignored altogether, or at least taken for granted, is a frustration-free telephone system. If your business relies heavily on customer interaction, particularly for sales, then you owe it to yourself to modernize your phone […]

Prepare your business for holidays

Preparing Your Business for the Holidays

  The holidays are right around the corner and for many businesses, this can be an extremely busy time with increased call volumes, sales and varying staffing needs, availability and business hours. Here are some of the key ways that using the right phone system and phone features will ensure your business is prepared for […]

Call recording

Call Recording: A Necessity, Not Just a Luxury

When shopping around for a new phone system for your office, you might be a bit overwhelmed. After all, modern phone systems come with a lot of features you likely didn’t have on your standard landline. From voicemail to e-mail integration, to call forwarding, to HD video conferences, there’s so much to research and decide […]

Hosted email

Email Solutions Demystified: Choosing the Best Email Solution for You

Trying to decide what email solution is best for you? Is your business growing, or do you want to have a more professional email tool, versus the generic free options out there? Two of the most powerful email solutions available for small business – that make you look and feel like enterprise-level businesses are Hosted […]

Hosted Phone Chicago

Using Cloud-Based Technology to Future-Proof Your Business

  For entrepreneurs, thinking long-term is key to guaranteeing the health and future success of any growing business. Whether you’re just starting out on a new endeavor, or are looking to ramp up already-instituted processes, you’re liable to be bombarded with a vast array of technological choices. Where you go from here, and the choices […]

On hold greetings

5 Alternatives to having On-Hold Greeting Melodies

We’ve all been that customer who impatiently waits on hold for assistance, listening to the “Please hold, your call is valuable to us” message over and over again as the theoretically calming symphony music plays in the background. Depending on how long you have been listening to the on-hold greeting, you may even be ready […]