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Every business needs a phone line to operate the same way you need electricity or running water. But when it comes to picking the right utility provider for the company, decision makers often skim through the available choices, instead focusing their efforts on selecting the right tools to drive sales or make office operation smoother.

So, is your corporate phone system merely a utility? Or is it paramount to increasing employee productivity and revenue?
Let’s say for your business it takes seven touch points to equal a sale or a very qualified lead. How many of those touch points involve picking up the phone and talking live with someone or scheduling an in person meeting? How do you want your customers or potential customers to perceive your organization when they are calling to talk with your employees? A dropped call at the least opportune moment can cost you a lot of revenue, while juggling calls for support from one employee to the next can irritate a customer enough to start looking for a new vendor.
  • With call handling rules we can make it so the top 20% of your customers, which may produce 80% of your revenue, are treated with a higher level of priority so you never miss a contact point with them.
  • Sophisticated auto attendant and call routing features enable you to forward incoming calls to the right person or group of people for the job the first time. And even if you have to transfer a call to a different employee, Call Attached Data allows you to forward information about the caller and their questions without forcing them to repeat their request several times.
  • Call Attach Data also allows you to track where your leads are coming from while on the call, for better reporting. Our built-in reporting tools also give you the information to help determine the average value of your phone calls.
  • Our hosted solution comes with call groups so you can easily queue your calls for your employees, and with our Music on Hold feature you can tell your customers what other products or services you offer.


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Polycom SoundPoint

Are you looking for a reliable, multi-line phone system that will provide you with consistent, dedicated phone service customized to your company’s needs? Our  Hosted PBX provides your company with constant power backup, maintenance, updates, patches, monitoring, and security—all at no additional charge. Our dedicated team members will install the equipment and answer any questions you might have, giving you the support you need to run your company.

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Polycom Soundstation


Get unlimited local and outbound domestic long distance calling included in your package.

Once your Cloud Voip system is installed, you will enjoy increased security and superior service and be able to access our web portals that allow for superior call management. Instead of reading messages or scrolling through Caller ID logs, you’ll be able to see who called you and when they called right on your computer screen. Our system also provides multiple programming options that will ensure you never miss a call:

  • Find Me: Arrange for incoming calls to ring to different phones both in the office and out of the office- as you choose. Great for guaranteeing call coverage no matter where you are!
  • Follow Me: Forward calls to your cell phone without giving out your private number.
  • Multi-Ring: Ring multiple phones at the same time. Great for mobile users! Never miss that important call!
  • On-screen Assistant: Check phone status (busy or idle), transfer calls or set up conference calls with a click of a mouse. Know who is on the phone and who is available. Point and click transfer makes transferring callers easy!

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Global communication


Manage Everything, from Anywhere

With the mobile-friendly MyOfficeSuite™ portal that is easy for both admins and end users.


Let Employees Move

Offices, even between locations, without IT support—turning any phone into their own.


Give Office Extensions A Mobile Twin

Using a Chicago hosted PBX leading VoIP technology, calls ring both in the office and on a cell phone when you wish. Pick up a cell phone call on a desk phone


Integrate With Microsoft Outlook®

Let employees make calls directly from their contact list.

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Get Voicemail Delivered

to you absolutely anywhere, on any device and under your control.


Make Sure Calls Get To The Right Place

with unlimited auto attendants and call routing options.


Send Calls Anywhere:

to voicemail, to a co-worker, to an auto-attendant or to another phone or location.


Collaborate Online with Anyone

HD Meetings is included with OfficeSuite! Meet face-to-face with customers and prospects – even collaborate on documents.


Call and Fax Anywhere

Our business VoIP system’s PC Softphone and Android™, iPhone® and iPad® apps let employees take the features of their office phone with them. You can even fax on your mobile device.


Improve Customer Service And Employee Skills

Handle calls more efficiently and coach staff on how to better service your customers. We offer a complete set of call center tools that don’t require any new investment of capital.


The OfficeSuite Guarantee

Our reliable service comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Send and Receive Faxes on Any Device

With our fax-to-email, you can fax anytime, anywhere, and from any device, even your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet


Project a Professional Company Image

A toll-free number and monthly service are included with OfficeSuite!


Record Calls to Reduce Liabilities and Ensure Quality

By recording phone calls, your business can ensure quality communications while protecting itself from liabilities and satisfying regulatory compliance requirements.

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