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Call recording

When shopping around for a new phone system for your office, you might be a bit overwhelmed. After all, modern phone systems come with a lot of features you likely didn’t have on your standard landline. From voicemail to e-mail integration, to call forwarding, to HD video conferences, there’s so much to research and decide whether you need each feature or not. However, one popular feature – call recording – is something that you can’t live without once you’ve experienced it.

How many times have you had a phone call, forgotten a detail, and had to call your client back? How many times have you needed to prove that you mentioned something, but your word wasn’t good enough? For a lot of people who spend most of their work day on the phone, this happens frequently. You can’t remember everything, and for that reason, call recording is a game-changer in the world of office phone systems.

Demonstrate Quality Control
So you’ve had a lot of cancellations recently, and you can’t figure out why. Your employees claim that everything is going swimmingly…but is it? Use call recording to record phone calls for the best possible customer service. When you notice an employee consistently losing his temper, or another employee consistently making customers happy, you can reward or reprimand accordingly. Good customer service translates to good sales.

Train New Employees
Most employees learn by doing – as in, they will get good at dealing with customers as they become more familiar with doing it – but it never hurts to show a new team member what a good example sounds like. If you’ve recorded a call in which an employee resolved an issue or made a sale perfectly, you can use that recording as training material.

Use Call Data for Bookkeeping
Is there a dispute with accounts payable, in which an employee is insisting he or she was wrongfully charged? You can use a recorded call to ensure they were given the proper information and that the charge isn’t faulty. Or perhaps an employee was charging customers for services they didn’t ask for – that’s helpful to accounting, too. Recorded calls take the “he said, she said” out of customer service.

Share Success Stories
If you have employees who want to improve their skillsets, using recorded calls as an example is a great way to give them ideas about what to strive toward. They can also be used to show employees how to handle an unruly customer in a calm manner.

There are endless uses for recorded calls, so even if it sounds like something you don’t need at first, it won’t be long before its many benefits become obvious to you.

Post Author: Vic Levinson