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Today we live in a connected world. When your Internet is down, your phones are down, your data is down and your business is down. Downtime costs money.

In order to keep your business operational with no down time, you need to make sure that you have :

  • Redundancy
  • Failover
  • Cost Containment

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How it works:

We deploy solutions that enable both diversity of bandwidth (copper,coax, fiber and wireless) from multiple providers. When everything is running smoothly, we combine the bandwidth and help you contain costs by using lower cost bandwidth more efficiently. The software behind the solutions is constantly monitoring the performance of the circuits and the traffic going across them and balancing out the flows both inbound and outbound. When there is a failure of one circuit, traffic is routed to the other circuits. We provide you with the reporting that you need to make sure that your traffic is flowing right when everything is smooth and the fail over when there are problems. This solution is called a software defined wide area network or SD WAN. It replaces virtual private networks (VPN) , multiple protocol layer switching (MPLS) networks and reduces the need for expensive dedicated circuits.
Here’s how much downtime and latency might be costing your business.

  • The study of US data centers quantifies the average cost of an unplanned data center outage at slightly more than $7,900 per minute. This is a 41% increase from the $5,600 it was in 2010. Ponomon Institute: Cost of Datacenter Outages

On average, businesses lose between $84,000 and $108,000 for every hour of IT system downtime, according to estimates from studies and surveys performed by IT industry analyst firms. In addition, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and energy lead the list of industries with a high rate of revenue loss during IT downtime.

Network Computing, the Meta Group and Contingency Planning Research: Accessing the Financial Impact of Downtime

Over 95% of large enterprises with more than 1000 employees say that on average, a single hour of downtime per year costs their company over $100,000, over 50% say the cost exceeds $300,000 and one in 10 indicate hourly downtime costs their firms $1 million or more annually.

For a select three percent of organizations, whose businesses are based on high-level data transactions, like banks and stock exchanges, online retail sales or even utility firms, losses may be calculated in millions of dollars per minute.

ITIC’s 2013-2014 Technology Trends and Deployment Survey



And, not all of it is about dollars. Downtime costs your business its reputation, customer retention, employee satisfaction and overall confidence can be shaken by even a short outage.

Before you experience an outage, take the time to understand your impact of downtime, so you make sure to invest the resources to prevent downtime. Here is a list of inputs to an impact of downtime calculation:

Revenue losses
Impact to cash flow
Productivity losses
Compliance and/or reporting penalties
Penalties and loss of discounts
Impact to customers and strategic partners
Employee morale and employee confidence in IT
Damage to reputation and goodwill

Unlike other vendors, we have three different varieties of SD WAN for you to select from:






SNET Cloud Connect

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